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    Anyone noticed an increased chance for items to have a gem socket in 8.2 ?

    Last week i saw 3 items drop with a socket in 5 dungeons.
    This week i got myself a 415 weapon and a waist with a socket.

    Asked on reddit and some guy said he got 3 items on raid day.

    Did Blizzard stealth buffed the chance for items to get gems?

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    As a jewelcrafter, all I can say is: it's about time.

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    Reports from 2 people are way too few to determine any sort of trend. I didn't get any socketed items in the raid.

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    I've been getting slots fairly regularly throughout this expansion, I think it was upped with BFA and not this patch. TF down, gem slots up, which is better for the game imo.

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    No change noticed. If you are feeling lucky just buy a lotto ticket.

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    If it has they never told my characters yet, they been trying to get some on that catch up gear with no luck lol

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