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    Magni Quests for upgrade iLVL HoA canceled?

    Hi Guys,

    I just hit 120 on my Druid and thought let me go to Magni and have the iLVL upgraded on my HoA (the ones you get for friendly and honoured rep with Champions of Azeroth).
    But I don't see the quests... what happened with these? Can't we get them anymore?
    And more importantly: how to get those iLVL's on HoA now?

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    When you open the Heart Forge you are granted level 35 automatically

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    Okay, but that is AP levels, right?
    Magni boosts 2 times the ilvl of HoA, based on Rep (which is account wide), without changing the AP level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neverafter View Post
    When you open the Heart Forge you are granted level 35 automatically
    He's talking about ilvl, there was a quest that gave ilvl bonuses, it was tied to rep at first and then made account wide. No idea if it's still there or gone but it's different from the Neck level that we get when starting Nazj. Maybe they put all that together now I don't know.

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    Yeah, I don't see any quests on Magni and wowhead added a remark to the quest that Blizz made it obsolete.
    Made this thread too seer if you guys know where to get those upgrades now.

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    Its quite simple, the ilvl also gets increased once you unlocked the heart forge.

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    oh, they did add it there :-)
    Okay, tnx

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