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    Thumbs down All Will Serve bugged!

    The talent "All Will Serve" does not function in PvP instances. The Skulker will simply follow the Death Knight around in BG's and Arena not doing anything at all. Laziest undead I ever did summon. Hopefully Blizzard will fix soon.

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    I can confirm. I am indeed that lazy undead archer.

    And here is my reason: ___________________

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    Maybe feed your pet more.

    A happy ghul is a killing machine.
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    Well he certainly doesn't mind getting his exercise in, as he'll gleefully run beneath you while you're using an antigrav pack in mechagon, aggroing any and everything on the ground beneath you.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Lmao I saw that. I was running along and then all of a sudden a ghoul races by me by himself with 10 mobs behind him lol.

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