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    Step 1: Reach 60
    Step 2: Gank STV for hours
    Step 3: Check on forums for salt threads about ganking in pvp servers
    Step 4: Orgasm repeatedly
    Step 5: Return to Step 2
    "I just don't want to pay taxes." - Bobby Kotick

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    Frost mage or prot war. Cant decide!

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    NE druid. Starting professions: Skinning & Enchanting. Need to find a leatherworking buddy to craft some greens (to DE) from leathers so I can reasonably quickly level enchanting to 265 (for trinket). After this keep skinning until I can buy mats for engineering, drop skinning. Main gold will come from fishing & maraudon farms.

    First trying to get some decent semi-pvp gear from dungeons. As soon as pvp hits attempt to reach rank 10 (or at least rank 8) - from that moment on i'll start raiding. But PVP main priority!

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    Quote Originally Posted by big deal View Post
    I love this! Will hopefully try to RP as well, but now I need to come up with a backstory too
    Zap zap pow eeeaaaabazzzzapppa wormhole portal opening closing... "Huh where am I? This isn't Kul Tiras. Northshire Abbey? It looks.. different? Those wolves look healthier from when I last visited after the Cataclysm. That guard guy over there, I know him. He's asking me to report to the marshal? Oh no all my spells are gone. I better relearn them. And it's a nice sunny day. I think I will go and see what the marshal wants in the abbey."

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    I don't......

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    UD rogue for ganking. "I will do the same to innocent strangers, what was done to me years ago" "I shall have my revenge one way or another"!

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    Going to use joana's guide and level as quickly as possible, EXCEPT also get all profs and level them while leveling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    I'll reserve a name and decide what class and race to play.

    There. That's me, planned.

    Classic is, IMO, best enjoyed by just getting on and playing the game. None of this shopping lists of items, questing routes for speed and efficiency, or any of that.
    You will need all that for raiding, but for levelling it's just going to sap some of the wonderful freelance nature of the game, exploring and forging your own journey based on your mood and your heart, and turn it into a checklist of tasks.
    Right? What is it with all the speed levelling, routes...What are they rushing towards? Just enjoy the ride!

    So far, I character and type of server. And guild, of course but that's only because I've been stuck with those losers for years. Other than that...pretend you're young again and it's the first time you logged in an MMO without a clue on what to do...

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    Will re-level my 4 original toons rotating through rested exp...will get my professions for each at lvl 10 and correct an original mistake I made in Vanilla by having the right toons have the right professions....always preferred the self-reliance of being able to craft most of my own stuff and gather most of my own mats instead of buying off AH..that plus selling my wares on the AH will give me enough gold for lvl 40 and 60 mounts. Beyond that will organically level...i.e. follow the quests where they lead me and move on when available quests in the zone are grey to me...if I remember correctly there are one or 2 spots a long the way where you can sort of get stuck doing it that way that require a couple minutes of research to pick up a quest you missed or figure out where to go next but it was still pretty easy to figure out where to go and when in Vanilla even without all the linear bread crumbs Retail levelling today has.

    And oh yeah...take my good old time and enjoy it.

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    I have my class, race and faction all set. But I have no clue as to what to do about profs in an economy starting from scratch.
    Operation Red Wing

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    I log in. I create character. I level up.

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    Exactly the same as I did with my current main 14 years ago.

    Level up, get ganked, finish leveling, get to ganking.

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    My main goal is just to be nice, i was succchh a prick in 06 lol.

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    I'm going to roll a human paladin (Mining/BS) on Alliance, and an undead warlock (or Warrior) (Herb/Alch) on Horde. I don't have much planned out in the manner of a leveling path, since my faction will depend on how long my friends play the game.
    Either way, I'll enjoy it.

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    I have a friend, his wife, and an old guild mate that he is still in contact with that want to play Horde so I will probably make a Troll or Tauren warrior and shoot for a tank spot in a guild.

    Another friend and his fiance want are cool with going Alliance since we all played Horde prior. I want to make a Paladin and tank (don't really care if people can't accept it, I'll make it work) and probably find a guild or something to mess around in.

    Just depends on which group of friends plays the most. That'll determine what I do more often.

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    Kind of just gonna go however, don't really have a plan. Leveled multiple 60s on private server over the past few years, don't really need planning just need to be able to adapt to the new classic meta, whatever it may be.

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