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    Best essence`s for Disc Mythic + healing


    I recently unlocked the first minor essence slot, and therefor im wondering whats the best major and minor essence for running mythic + for disc healing. I know you have to adapt for the different mythic affixes and also what class comp you are running with, but "general speaking" whats the best essence in overal for mythic running?


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    I only adapt my essences for the M+ level (relative to group power), not for the affixes. If you're doing a challenging M+ I recommend The Ever-Rising Tide major and The Well of Existence minor.

    If we were to consider affixes, The Ever-Rising Tide major is much better on Fortified than Tyrannical, since in long boss fights we don't want to burn mana and go oom. This may well mean that we want to drop Tide on high Tyrannical keys, but I haven't determined a good replacement for it.

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    I would suggest that Well of Existence as a minor is a given.

    IMVHO :
    Vitality Conduit major is nice VS single target tyrannical bosses (Kings Rest) but an awfull minor during grievous week.
    Life Bender is a fairly good ohshit button if all the group is taking damage.
    Crucible of Flame is a versatile single target heal or damage (doesn't proc ato) but would probably be better at rang 3 where you can stack 2 charges.
    Vision of perfection is a no brainer random Shadow Fiend for passive type players.
    ERT on the other side is very big on anticipation but is heavy on mana.
    Lucid dream mana is mostly useless on discipline in M+ unless taken as second minor (HoA level 65) with ERT.
    Worlvein range is too short, always wasted, nobody else takes this essence for now.

    I've tested a lot this week and, as feelcraft goes, I'm most confortable with Vita Conduit Major and Well of Existence Minor.

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