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    issue(s) with mistweaver healing

    I feel like when I'm healing in mythic plus dungeons my enveloping mist doesn't always instant cast when I'm channeling soothing mist. Is it because the soothing mist spell description says that it "may be cast instantly" and there's only a chance it will be instant? I also notice enveloping mist doesn't always land on the correct target even when I have clicked on the correct target.

    I have a similar problem with detox...when I have the target I want to detox clicked, sometimes that target isn't detoxed even though I know that the debuff on that target can be removed.

    Any and all help/suggestions are much appreciated!


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    ignore please, meant for monk forum

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    Well your first issue seems to be playing a mage and trying to heal.
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    Dear Troll - did you not see that I updated and replied to please ignore and it was meant for the monk forum. Thanks

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