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    Returning Player -- Gear

    Hi all im a returning player. Been a few xpacs. Almost at 120 just doing BGS. Is it possible to gear up with strict pvp gear once I reach max? Dont really feel like doing any of the other stuff, is gearing via bgs/arena viable?

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    You can. It will be a slower process and a little more painful route though. You are going to eventually do some other content to level up and socket your neck. A few WQ or other things will rapidly speed up gearing and ease things up for you.
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    Personally I find this expansion the hardest to gear up with as a pvp player. However with 8.2 just been released it has made things a lot easier. I’d recommend doing a bit of nazjatar to get a set of benthic gear. Very easy to obtain and less time consuming catch up mechanics compared to say Argus. After that I’d recommend just doing arena and lfr once a week. Will be slower than doing other content but the easiest way to be viable quickly.

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    Depends on what you mean with "gear up".

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    Thanks for the feedback -- is there a buffer to get into Nazjatar? And by gear up -- Just mean viable to compete in PVP

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