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    Lightbulb What is the craziest hero concept you can come up with

    I did a similar thing over on the HoTS forum a while back and I felt like doing it here

    My most thought out concept(also the craziest) is that of a genetic experiment created by Moira using the DNA of a Silverback Gorilla, Grizzly Bear, and Timber Wolf, along with stolen Genetic therapy formula from Lucheng Interstellar

    He was noted by the scientists assigned to monitor the creation dubbed Experiment 07, that "07 was notably lazy and rarely followed instructions unless food was explicitly offered and any attempts to motivate it through electrocution seemed to only annoyed 07 and any more extreme attempts of motivation were met with "messy" results, though no fatalities have been reported" it was also noted in several reports that one of the guards would occasionally attempt to sneak snacks to 07, whom she had nicknamed Rhyno, and claimed to have taught it to speak, it was reported however that any attempts to coax it to do so failed even when offered salmon

    It was soon found that the guard known to feed 07 was planning to leave Talon, she was pursued and eliminated outside of 07's containment unit, and after witnessing her death, it was reported by the sole surviving scientist that "It has become apparent Experiment 07 was not contained by the cell but rather the lack of reasons to leave, unfortunately, We gave him one" the last page of read a mere 5 words "07: First words; Big mistake"

    Rhyno is a Bruiser Hero who's main focus is breaking up close knit team comps
    main fire: attack drone: a floating drone over Rhyno shoulder fires a shotgun blast (hey if you had 3 inch claws you'd have a hard time handling a shotgun)
    secondary fire: Rhyno's a railgun shot that goes through enemies and can go through a maximum of 2 walls
    Shift; Rhyno gets down on all 4s giving himself a buff to speed when going forward and reduced damage from his front at the trade off of transferring his crit spot to his flanks and being unable to use his other abilities or otherwise attack except through charging at his enemies, it also causes Rhyno to take a few seconds to stop moving forwards
    ability 1: Fire bomb; Rhyno' drone launches a grenade that covers a small area but will spread if anyone who runs through it
    ability 2: Slam; Rhyno slams his fists down on the Ground in front of him knocking knocking back any enemy directly in front of him
    Ultimate: Carpet Bomb; Rhyno's drone rapidly fires 10 missiles that track enemies but can still be dodged by quick enough heroes, and causes splash damage

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    A character that can heal, provide armor, two tap dps, has an ult they can use whenever they like and it be 100% effective and has a shield. That would be insane

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    A forum discussion with another person some time ago produced an idea what a Finnish character would be like. Due to our stereotypical need for personal space the character would be an Evolve-like entity, usable only solo against everyone else, carving a mapfull of personal space with their knife.
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