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    Can anyone explain Well of Existence to me? (holy)

    It's supposedly one of the best essences for holy (or really any healer for that matter)
    But isn't our thing that we DON'T want to overheal?

    I can barely ever fill it up enough to be of any significance unless i waste a cooldown or 2 early in a boss fight.
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    At least for disc it's amazing. In a M+ environment, it's easy to radiance the group and just passively heal them whilst building up the well - I actually overheal on purpose through atonement so that i can deal with emergency spike damage, which is something that disc in particular is very bad at normally. I can heal a tank with over 400k hp from 20% to full in one cast with it quite easily, it's insanely good.

    I don't know why it's good for other healers though, seems like you'd have to go out of your way to overheal in most cases.

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    Holy tends to overheal in raid, much less in M+
    Disc always overheal so Well is good in M+ but I suspect Ever Rising Tide is far better combo with atonement ramping in raid.
    In M+ as Holy Lucid dream would be a good minor. As Major, Ever Rising Tide or Life Bender would probably be my choice.

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    Well, you can't avoid overhealing, so it will tick up. Your CoH, trail of light and mastery will get some in regardless. Obviously if you're gearing for M+, you won't have much mastery, but it's just that. I did notice that I'm much more liberal with my serenity, as I know that I have a big heal available if shit hits the fan, so I tend to pop it earlier.

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