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    Struggling with what faction i want to pick

    I am thinking of rolling a Fury warrior, so its between Horde orc, and Alliance human, i just can't decide on which i wish to go for, I don't plan on going hardcore raiding etc as my work would make it impossible to do, the only thing that is making me think of rolling alliance is the fact i can level up a Paladin, Been a hordie since i started in TBC

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    Do not create pointless threads such as "Which class/race/gender/faction/server should I roll?"

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    You've got a month. And only you can truly decide what faction to play. Just work it out. Or do both on different servers (assuming you're on pvp).

    If you just want want a third party choice. Go Alliance I suppose.

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    Horde have a distinct travel advantage in low level dungeons - RFC, Wailing Caverns, SFK, SM and both Razor dungeons in Horde controlled zones. Ally only have Deadmines and Stockades. This is the only faction advantage I see. Everything else is cosmetic.

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    Think about it up until the month passes. If you still haven't decided by the first day you play just flip a coin.

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    As melee I'd go horde, because of windfury they tend to be more melee-focussed raidsetup wise, and it's generally more fun dpsing with windfury
    For the same reason as a caster I'd go alliance, raiding as a caster on horde is often too boring, with even pugs caring most about filling their shamangroups with another melee dps etc, and for guilds, raiding with 2-4 casters was commonplace when 20 warriors would show up. Alliance is a more well-rounded faction for casters imo. At least having played both a warlock on horde and on alliance side, I'm totally fed up of the melee focus on horde by now.

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