Hey everyone,

I created a new website: www.classicwowbuilds.com

The goal of the website is to make creating and viewing Classic WoW builds an easy, ad-free experience.
The site is not monetized in any way, and was built to serve as a means to share builds in the community.


  • Create builds
    • item builds
    • talents
    • rotations
  • Find builds by class/spec
    • sort by new or highest rated
    • filter on phase or tag
  • BiS Search Filters
    • slot
    • item type
    • phase
    • raid / pre-raid
    • boe / non-boe

Cool Stuff:

  • You can create multiple tabs in your build, meaning you can have more than one item build/rotation/talent tree
  • The rotation tab is flexible and can be used to create tier lists for consumables, items, talents, spells, even tier lists
  • You can easily link to spells and items in your explanations using an @ sign, so you would type @Frostbolt and a tooltip and link would be created
  • Item builds have backup slots
  • You can link to specific tabs of a build, for example: talents
  • You can link to BiS search results for example: the best level 29 rogue weapons

How BiS Search works:

I collected stat weights for each class/spec, and the weights are used to compute a score for each item.
The higher the score, the more the item will increase your dps for damage dealers, healing output for healers, and survivability/threat for tanks. The BiS search shows you items ordered based on their score. Here are the weights used: https://gist.github.com/benawad/e91e...712e6948dd15cd


  • Simplify BiS page ui
  • Allow for custom stat weights and pvp stat weights
  • Add enchants to gear tabs

You guys could help by created new builds and voting on builds that you like. To get an idea of what a full build looks like, here's an example: 100% Crit Chance Ambush Leveling Guide

I plan on continually improving the site and fixing bugs as they come up, if your interested in staying up to date you can join the Discord: https://discord.gg/SZK6ZCM