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I have no idea how they can in any way turn this around. They have ignored the problem for 5+ years now and it has just gotten worse and worse. I'm still amazed by the complete ignorance they have had towards this issue in their game. They seem to have no problem stepping in when things are whack, but the faction imballance feels like no issue to them.

Atleast the latest development in Lore and the War Campaign seem to hint towards some sort of faction merge coming in 9.0.
I guess that is our only hope now.
At what point are you going to accept that this is a user related issue and not development? The racials have been nerfed and homogenized to hell, to the point that they make a very minuscule difference. The reason the charts are dominated by one side is because the pool of raiders and mythic guilds are much bigger there and users are attracted to the big market.
The mythic raider doesn't care about the lore or the story or being horde or alliance. All the mythic raiders are there because the market is there. Blizz can't fix this in anyway without breaking it worse, check what happened with WM and weekly quest bonuses on the alliance side. People just abused it for a quick gain and moved back to horde side.