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    What would happen if you put a bag of holding inside a bag of holding?

    Hypothetically of course, what would happen?

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    Nothing unusual because it's not a portable hole.

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    What if you turned one inside out while you were putting it into another one?
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    Oh god, I’m going to need for a second.

    So, bags of holding DO have a weight limit depending on how much is in it; the magic just makes it lighter. So, while you can put multiple bags of holding into a bag of holding, the original bag is still bound to the weight limit.
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    Putting an extra-dimensional container into another extra-dimensional container causes them to rupture and explode, causing a tear in space usually into the astral plane, with the contents of the bags getting dumped out there. In some cases they will also explode in a wide-scale nuclear-style, or smaller (about 100ft radius) sphere of annihilation style.

    So, not good things.
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    Reminded me of this...though as the earlier post indicated, a bag of holding is not a portable hole.

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    You can put bag of holding A into bag of holding B, unfortunately this act severs the link between all items in bag A with this universe, causing those items to disappear forever. When you take bag A out of bag B, bag A is empty.
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