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    Post Fistweaving in 8.2 The Eternal Palace

    Hey guys!
    A fellow newbie healer monk here. Just picked up monk raid healing in Battle of Dazar'alor and been doin it since in Eternal Palace. I feel like with the disc priest and holy pally in my guild, i fell behind a lot cause when i healing my brains off i do 50k max and then they out there smiling at me chillin with their 60k-65k hps. And i've been wondering that fistweavin is a thing now. I tested it in normal raid and i think it's maybe viable and fun.
    I specced with RJW and Rising Mist and Conflict essence for the crane. I used mist on CD and when raid dmg came i fully channeled essence font popped RJW and rising sun kick and followed with the meele rotation. i did like 40-50k HPS in normal just like this. and my dps was pretty much fine. I know it's only normal raid but i tought it was really FUN and it felt like it's how monks should heal.

    What are you toughts about fistweaving. Do you think it can be a thing? Or it was just my bad setup with the grp and the normal raid

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    just checked logs, and ye people are using fistweaving, with conflict and strife, so ye i guess its perfectly viable

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    I always liked fist weaving, so I'm glad I got my Conflict essence. I'm still getting the hang of it, but it seems to be at its most effective if you can time it to get the most of your RSKs.

    What I'll typically do is make sure I've got three stacks of Teachings of the Monastery. Then:

    -Pop Crane
    -Pop Thunder Tea
    -Use first RSK
    -Use a filler spell. I like Chi Burst, but anything is fine.
    -Use second RSK you get from Thunder Tea reducing its cooldown
    -Blackout Kick
    -RSK a third time if BoK blessed you.

    It doesn't always work out like that, but the healing you get is pretty damn good during that time frame.

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    Say NO to fistweaving. Deal with it.

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    monks can blast over 100k hps just as any other healer, not as much as hpala and disc with ERT + innervates, u just dont do dmg or have dmg reduc major cd

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