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    As long as people are buying those flasks for 1k, people will keep selling them for that. End of story. Prices drop when people don't buy things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmouser View Post
    We are still feeling the effects of WoD and Legion gold inflation, and anything blizzard does to improve the gold supply will only make the effects last longer. The best thing they have done is the mounts that cost absurd amounts like the 5million gold mount. Keep making fun, useful products like that and we will destroy our gold for it. That is how you deflate the rich while not affecting the poor at all.
    Exactly right, you want to take money away from the super-rich while not hurting the poor. Regressive vs progressive economic policies.

    The WoW economy is slowly recovering from WoD/Legion disastrous inflation, but many players that borderline exploited gold missions in those expansions like me still have many, many, millions of gold. I already bought the 5 million mount and yet money doesn't matter to me, I wouldn't waste the time to bend over to pick up 1000 gold but we have world quests rewarding 150 gold. That isn't good, because I have zero incentive to play that content. Blizzard needs to get my money out of the economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    Supply and demand. I sell a lot of leathers (Heavy version, aka Heavy Knothide leather), ppl are to lazy to post it themselfs.

    But it also depends on your realm. My high pop its good to do it...through a lot worse since blizzard ruined mats deposit price So annoying even when you post 20 at a time it cost a lot.
    No new player could pay these high prices for legacy mats which basically says there almost no players in the game who are bothering to level characters the long way. Meaning only established players are in the market. That's getting close to mid way down the slippery slope to oblivion.

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