Twisty#11931 Twistymyst-Nagrand- Currently 422IL (have just transferred from Barthilas in case you’re looking at logs)

Mistweaver - no offspec - I couldn’t possibly be worse at DPS if I tried.

LF semi-hard core mythic progression guild for 8.2 that is active in high end M+. I would really like to get into M+ runs, this is possibly more important to me than the raiding.

Pref Fri/Sat/Sun nights but all other nights are okay. Would ideally like 7pm AEST onwards so that when daylight savings starts I can still make the raid.

Uld: AoTC 8/9M
BoD: AoTC 3/9M
CoS: AoTC 2/2H
EP: AoTC 1/8M