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    Sim & real dps

    Hey folks, hope someone can help me with this.

    Here is my character:

    I'm siming around 36k dps, but no matter how much I try I can only pull around 29k on boss dummy. So in raid environment where there is a lot of movement I'm around 25k or less.
    My dps on pull with all CD's goes up to 55k.

    Tbh, I can't figure why so much difference from sim to testing on a dummy.
    Now I come here and ask you good people, if you have Same experience?
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    Because simming, and dummy and actual raid are completely different things.

    Which is why there are so many players that dont get it, and not insulting, you dont get it either.

    The Patchwerk sim is the perfect theoretical ST DPS with all consumables (Perfect 2 potion usage included) with a fight that will last 5 minutes, with what was the execute range? 1 minute or 1.5? I dont remember what the changed value was, someone else can enlighten that part.

    Its literally trap for people that dont exactly know what they are simming, and at the same time the easiest way to clean up your gear so, what can you do!

    The dummy DPS, 1)I doubt you use Bloodlust 2)I doubt you use Flask + all buffs etc etc 3)You do not ever execute, or well the dummies now lose HP but it takes forever to reach execute range.

    Whats your Target Dummy sim? Did you bother to run one?

    My Patchwerk sim is 38k, my Target dummy sim is 29.5K.

    Now the actual raid DPS, which fight? How many times did the ability target you and you had to move? Is your tank incompetent and moves randomly for no reason? When did your guild bloodlust? The same time as the sim or randomly?

    And many more things.

    Sim helps to clear up your gear to the maximum theoretical DPS, its not an exact number you are supposed to pull while ignoring all variables.

    Which is why SimulationCraft and now Raidbots basically is amazing, but also misleading many times, perfect for fixing your gear, but also terrible if you dont really know what you are reading/setting up.

    The warcraftlogs calculated boss sims AskMrRobot has are a bit more "accurate" to real world simulations assuming they continue to do those scripts with the warcraftlogs logic they said for legion.

    I always use both either way, so eh
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    Looking at your logs it doenst really seem like you are doing much wrong on ashvane at least, you need some higher cd use at other fights. Just a bit of correct gear and reduce some downtime and you should be good. Logs vs sim is rarely correct, even though the other people in this thread say its the perfect play the sims are NOT just from perfect play, its 0,5% error rate and also its the average of about 15.000 fights, some fights you will pop off like theres no tomorrow, and next try you are spamming 3 whirlwinds in a row. Try and look at your logs and compare what you are doing compared to the top loggers.
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