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    I would want a fun open world gameplay.

    Beside that i do not care if the next expac will be about Sylvanas becoming the next big evil, or if it will be about old gods, or about a new continent full of ponies..

    I just think blizzard should tell the story in a fashion it is well done, and it should be incorporated into the gameplay itself.
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    Okay what I would like (its so much….)

    A third faction under the lead of the ethereals (except the consortium):
    They save all outland races and form the Dominian, fighting both the Horde and the Alliance.
    Ethereals, Saberon, Arakkoa, Botani.
    Maybe they get some allied races from Azeroth once they settle there like Kobolds and/or Murlocs

    4th specs for the pure dps classes:
    - Blood warlock - heal
    - Golem mage - tank
    - Hunter ranger - heal (4th type, utility pet for healing)
    - Rogue thug - tank

    Allied races get more outposts:
    - Highmountain Taurens settle in Winterspring, Moonglade and Borean Tundra
    - Nightborne make towns in Azshara and Desolace
    - Mag'har Orcs venture into Dustwallow Marsh, Thousand Needles and Un'Goro
    - Dark Iron Dwarves could get Grim Batol, Thandol Span and Thaurissan City upgrades
    - Void Elves could build villages in Twilight Highlands and Hinterlands
    - Lightforged Draenei settle in the Blasted Lands and the Swamp of Sorrows
    - Zandalari/Kul Tiran have enough settlements, but both could get some houses in their architecture style in Orgrimmar/Stormwind

    New Class:
    Dragonsworn - Tank, Melee DPS, Healer

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    Fun class gameplay.

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    I want Sylvanas to flee and create an evil faction. All new conflicts either storywise or pvp will be Horde and Alliance vs Evil Faction. Old bgs are caverns of time bgs. Horde and Alliance that want to kill each other in the open world can flag as a criminal and kill any pvp enabled people but you can't enter any cities and some other conditions.

    Evil faction would have:

    Undead- Lead by the faction leader Sylvanas.
    Feral Worgen-
    Orcs- Lead by a Frankenstein Garrosh.
    Humans- A human death cult lead by some named former Twilight's Hammer member.
    Leper Gnomes-
    Trolls- Not sure if I want them to be blood trolls or what.
    Undead Nerubians-

    Much of the content would take place underground and in Northrend where the Horde and Alliance rescue the living Nerubians who join them but there would also be time fractured revamped old world zones where Sylvanas has fucked up time with experiments in an attempt to eventually make her truly immortal and possibly also trying to use it as a weapon.

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    I know its vague, but its kind of difficult to quantify. I just want it to be fun to play. I've given up on expecting a good story. That's not a dig at Blizzard. Its just not their focus. The Blizzard motto is gameplay first, so I want it to FEEL fun if I log in to play.

    BFA is the first time I feel like I have officially quit WoW. It just wasn't entertaining enough. I'd taken breaks before, but those were with the intent of just waiting for more content. In an ideal situation, the next expansion would seem intriguing enough for me to want to buy it and when I play, I want it to hold my interest. I don't just want to work on filling a bar any more. Spending dozens of hours for a little number to tick over from 54 to 55 on a piece of gear I'm already wearing doesn't sound fun. Re-running the same dungeon 4 months later to get a 30 item level higher version of the same trinket doesn't seem fun. I can't put my finger on exactly was what it would take, but I want SOMETHING from the next expansion reveal to wow me.

    Until then, I'll just be playing through my library and FFXIV. I finally got through God of War last night and have a stack of games waiting to go after that. We'll see what Blizzard has in store for WoW at Blizzcon. I just hope whatever it is, it sounds like something worth my time,

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    The last time there was a legit leak this many months before Blizzcon was on this very site and they got the shit kicked out of them by cease and desists.

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    Ranged Survival hunter back, close to LK or MOP design.
    Scaling made optional.

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    i want to see the champions of azeroth vs sargaras the destroyer of worlds.. and i want us to lose badly..

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    I personally am less concerned about the story and leveling content (I typically am ok or excited about both). What I'd like to see are the systems changes/additions they'd bring in a new expansion.

    Systems-wise, I'd love for all or some of these to be in a new expansion:
    • Add a housing system and incorporate professions in crafting items for the housing system (don't hate me for this often requested item that will never happen; I love the idea of something on the side to do when I'm not raiding)
    • Improve the professions somehow and make them more viable to leveling (i'm looking specifically at you blacksmithing/leatherworking/tailoring)
    • Kill Titanforging/Warforging (or making them so much more rare that people won't farm the extra ilvls) and bring back Reforging
    • Bring back some of the killed off RPG elements, such as reagents and Hit Rating stats and skill trees and having to be certain places to craft specific items (it's a pain sometimes, sure, but it gives the world depth and meaning and slows things down a bit)
    • Procedurally generated dungeons (they could adapt Island tech to do this).
    • I'd also randomize boss abilities, so that during the encounter they cast X or Y or Z randomly (some abilities would be weighted heavier than others) rather than on a script that can be predicted. If that gets too hard or too easy, then maybe you just script out when an ability is to be cast but the ability to be cast is randomized.
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    Aslong as I get to play my Mechagnome Tinker, I’m happy.

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    The only one that has interested me was the guy saying he was a dev who did an AMA a couple weeks ago.

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    - less focus on dailies, world quests, repeatable themepark rides
    - less focus on their story; its been garbage since cataclysm, and the writing core should be jetisioned
    - less emphasis on world changing threats/events; they need to go small and get the game grounded again.
    - more focus on open world questing, non linear stories
    - return to pre-Cata loot systems
    - more class differentiation. paladins as the prefered AOE tank. warriors as the prefered single target tank. druids as the giant health pool tank. etc. paladins as single target healers; shaman as raid AOE heals; druids as HoTs and cooldowns
    - jetison gimmick progression items like artifacts and HoA
    - make crafting relevant again

    I want more RPG in my MMORPG. i want less mobile inspired grinds and repeatable quests. I want less tiers of dungeons / raids (normal / heroic /mythic) and one difficulty that you strive to achieve.

    i know i'll get none of this, which is why i'll be playing classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roberts282 View Post
    Over the past few weeks there have been at least 3 "credible WoW expansion leaks".

    While they're all different it seems a level squish, tinker classes and something to do with the Void is a common theme. But...

    What would YOU actually like to see in the next expansion? Is there a lore direction you've been hoping for? As for me, I know it seems like such a "WotLK 2.0" but I want some sort of return of the Lich King, because.....reasons?
    I actually would not be opposed to a "sorta-WoD" expansion, where Yrel and her light fanatics come to "save us" in Azeroth, and we end up fighting the Light itself.
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    Tinkers - Don't sound bad, but also not something that I'd actually want. If they're added, then ok, if not, I won't care.
    Level squish - Unless paired with a complete rework of spells, talents and overall leveling, including items, xp needed and gains etc, would simply be pointless to just shrink the numbers.
    Void / Dragon Isles themes - ok, not bad
    Warlock soloing (old & abandoned)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsgrace View Post
    What would I personally love to see... an honest "Battlemage" spec. There have been many NPC's both named and mindless Raid trash,that been actual Battlemages. using both spells and melee attacks. I'd love to have this as an option.
    You mean death knight but with fire spells? Boring

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    No time-gating bullshit \o/ yay!

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    For starters ther have been no "credible leaks".
    What I would like to see?

    An end to leveling. As much as I enjoy it, I think so much more can be done story wise and with the old world if we stop leveling more and more. As cliche as it may be I say squish it to 100. Keep it there and allow scaling to go to 100 in every zone. We can keep the expansion locations capped and o ly accessible at 100.

    For talents, I would like to some more flexibility with regards to GCD. Not everything needs to be on it. They toned it down a bit in beta, but all utility/definitely skills need to be off. I would like to see one row per 10 levels. In addition I would like to see a D3 rune like system to modify skills.

    For story? It depends on what happens with 8.3->9.0, but I would like to us fail with N'Zoth ushering in a few Black Empire. All of Azeroth becomes Old God corrupted and just a while feeling of despair that we were doing what we thought was right to save the world, but in return fucked it up.

    Just off the top of my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briselody View Post
    This is also important and another thing I hate about the Shadowlands fan fiction "leak". If they Kerriganize her after she literally decimated a player race's population, I'm gonna lose my shit.

    The only potential new class I see happening is Tinker. Anything else is already at least partially covered by an existing class, and would require cannibalizing existing classes to make them.
    Dark Ranger was also set up in Dark Shore and for both factions, when Sylvanas flees to the Shadowlands she is going to abandon a lot of her army and someone will have to pick up the pieces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tikcol View Post
    You mean death knight but with fire spells? Boring
    no, Death Knights are Melee with some Magical ability. Battle Mages would be Spell casters with a few Melee abilities. Similar but the other end of the spectrum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsgrace View Post
    no, Death Knights are Melee with some Magical ability. Battle Mages would be Spell casters with a few Melee abilities. Similar but the other end of the spectrum.
    You mean like Enhancement Shaman?
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