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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralqadar View Post
    Unless 9.0 makes some major changes I will be playing classic exclusively.
    me 2 10/char

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    It's pretty easy for me to manage my time as Ill only be playing classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    You radical. Next you'll be on about personal choice and all that.
    You know me too well. Maybe it's time to freshen up my act.
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    I plan to set up some kind of dualbox solution.
    Play classic but also have a guy leveling in retail. Hopefully things line up and I can level both at the same time.

    Option b is to not worry too much and just play whatever when I feel like, even not play at all for the day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    very easy,play bfa as i always do,for the raiding,and play classic instead of all the other singleplayer games i usualy play when not playing wow,classic is to casual to dedicate to,if they launch tbc however,roles may be reveresed

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    I'm going all in on Classic. The only thing I've been doing in retail is farming up gold to get tokens.

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    I won't be playing Classic because it is an objectively bad game that will dead only a year or so after launch.

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    When last BfA patch will be released, I probably will enjoy some story, if they manage to provide a good outcome of current mess. That does not take a lot of time usually, few hours and that's about it.
    Raiding and M+ take a lot of time, so probably I'll skip that this time.

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    This dissuades me from playing Classic.

    It's a leveling time calculator

    I selected slow as in "will read the lore and quest text". That is what I would play Classic for. IT's like a museum, wanted to experience the "magic" behind it.

    Fuck that. I rather spend my 3 hours a week doing stuff I like in retail

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    I won't be touching modern WoW at all once Classic comes out. Not until they fix their shit.
    Scheduled weekly maintenance caught me by surprise.

    Whitemane - US

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elrihm View Post
    I won't be touching modern WoW at all once Classic comes out. Not until they fix their shit.
    this is laughable.

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    I may play classic. I like the idea of taking my time.

    While retail is trying to cater to tons of different types of players, it very specifically is not catering to me. I'm a casual who likes challenge, and retail has no challenge unless you're hardcore and can commit to a mythic guild. When I played, I found myself investing a ton of time to get through the easy grinds to get to heroic, and then heroic sucks, it's full of overgeared morons trying to brute force through mechanics and it's super easy once everyone has an extra 1000 item levels.

    My hope, and maybe it's a fool's hope, is that the fact that classic is a museum that isn't being updated (after the phases at least) means I can just kinda chug along and progress at whatever pace I want and not worry about everything getting nerfed to the ground or everyone getting 75 pieces of titanforged gear with sockets and bis legendaries plus 300 azerite megapower levels. I'm worried about the grinds, but I know there's an end point and I'm hoping that the problems affecting systems in live (item level inflation ruining non-mythic content within 3 weeks of release, new patch every 3 months that immediately invalidates all prior content) aren't present in classic. We'll see.
    Quote Originally Posted by Metallourlante View Post
    It's not supposed to be fun, we are not in 2009. It's supposed to be frustrating and keep you hooked longer.

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    Easy - Vanilla is only about nostalgia - I'll visit it every so often the same way I watch an old movie.

    Live is where the action is at, that's where I'll be spending most of my time.
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    Classic. Cba with the Classic vs Retail discussion, I don't play retail but I will definitely play Classic.

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    No interest in retail. The development of retail has shown they're detached on what it take to make a good game, relevant content, and an actual MMO vs single player action RPG 'experience'. Not fun at all, compared to what it was before.

    So it's not a problem worth considering. I'll just play Classic.

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    I won't. Classic WoW is sort of like a mini game to be played when retail gets old. Classic WoW won't have the depth, development, or balance to be anyones main squeeze for long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    You know me too well. Maybe it's time to freshen up my act.
    WAIT A SECOND! You were Jaylock, weren't you! Ha! We're on to you now....

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    Only playing Classic until 8.3. Already unlocked the flying in 8.2 and I don't care for the other grindfests still available.

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    I wont really, not interested in playing retail anymore. Will stick to Classic pretty much.

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    Easy. I will not play retail at all.

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