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    For me the 2.0 MSQ was a complete jumble..This was my first FF game and I found the story mostly quite boring and long-winded. Heavensward was great, I got really invested in certain characters and of course Dragons
    Stormblood for me started out and ended great but most of the middle of 5.0 and some of the patch content was a bit of a drag. I haven't hit max level in shadowbringers yet but I'm enjoying it so far.
    While the story is pretty good (excellent in places), its not always delivered in the most interesting way that would appeal to most people. Maybe its a japanese RPG thing, but if there was a bit of pruning on the 'stand around talking' scenes, and more build up and tension I think the story would be more appealing. There are some really good story arcs, which can sometimes be broken up by menial boring tasks which ruins the flow. I'd also like to see a shakeup of the 'travel to each zone, help and befriend the locals, get their help with the big baddie' formula. It works gameplay-wise but its getting a bit old.

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    I think part of the issue people have with the MSQ is that it can be very uneven... There's a lot of storylines they expand upon in post expansion content that are more interesting than the X.0 storylines.

    For example in SB I couldn't make myself care about Doma at all until post 70 or in ShB it is really good up until
    They rushed Emet-Selch's conclusion... I expect they'll be expanding on this in 5.x storylines

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    I like the story only part i get upset is when my favorite final fantasy women get killed
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