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Who the hell sims dps for tanks/healers?!? You in the MDI? Hate to be your healer.
I'd hate it if you were my healer. Pure mitigation is a stupid way to look at tanks that small minded fools focus on. There is a reason top end players don't focus only on mitigation, it doesn't make that big of a difference. You have tanks breaking 30k DPS on most of the fights in there right now, in what world does it make sense to cripple DPS for a very minor defensive gain?

I personally haven't focused on damage since we aren't on farm yet, we are a small guild (about 13 people) of a couple groups of RL friends so we only run heroic and keys, currently 8/8H and 1360 IO. I will be focusing on DPS from here on out though and that means DPS trinkets (punch card and orgozoa), DPS essences (Crucible major, Rustbolt tanking/Vision minor), and DPS talents (Devestator). And my healers won't say a word other than asking why I wasn't doing more damage before.