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    Smile [Speculation] What do you expect for professions in 9.0?

    In Legion we got to know that the profession team got expanded, based on how Blizzard do their expansions i was not waiting for anything really major like a FULL revamp in 8.0
    Now, i think we'll probably be getting something major in 9.0, something like a Full revamp like more conections between professions and a better progression system.
    So, what you think/wish that 9.0 will bring?
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    I expect nothing and I will probably still be disappointed by new engi items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echeyakee View Post
    I expect nothing and I will probably still be disappointed by new engi items.
    to be fair, most people will be dissapointed regardless of what they do. people dont even know what they want, but they always seems to know they dont want what they are given.

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    There are useless time vampires

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    I'd like them to just kind of do the legion thing again, honestly.

    Make it so you can't have max level professions immediately, because everyone having every profession in the game maxed out three weeks into the expansion kind of ruined all them. Then add a new "Obliterum" type thing so that crafted gear is actually valuable. Even though crafted gear was still profitable in BfA, it was kinda dumb since everyone could make everything themselves plus since you can't upgrade the gear it has little value after the first couple weeks.

    As for other changes I'd like, I think it'd be fun if there were more recipe drops, especially if they were marketable instead of only dropping if you have the profession. Make professions relevant for raids again, have good BoP gear that you can craft as well as decent BoE gear.

    Personally I've always thought professions should exist for two reasons. First they should provide some sort of benefit in raids/dungeons/PvP, and second they should provide some sort of way to make profit on the market. As long as they add changes that allow for those two things I think I'll be pretty happy. And if not, I'll just ignore professions next expansion.

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    I expect them to be about as shallow as they were in bfa.

    I expect them to be leveld so easily that all materials become useless because every player has them in overflow and noone needs them. (not the case for jc but for every other profession).

    I expect as usual that blizzard wont add anything that could be potentially usefull. Instead we will have dazeimmunity only while dismounted but not mounted (this is the biggest joke of bfa tbh).

    I expect there to be next to no way to earn gold on the profession because when everything is accessable and even casual players reaches max on their professions then the supply will always exceed the demand for crafted items thus reducing the cost of crafted items to their materialcost (wich will be low due to the above reason) thus making the professions useless for goldmaking.

    I expect that anything we can craft that IS usefull will be bop so we cant make gold on it... thus making it useless beyond the one craft...

    All according to blizzards great plan of making sure that no player ever gets ahead of the rest in any meaningful way. They want us gatherd up like sheep and our pace/progression/playerpower tightly controlled....
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    the way professions have been treated the last few expansions they might as well just remove them from the game.

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