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    Azerite Traits - Elemental

    When does it make more sense to take ilvl upgrade compared to best azerite trait?

    Ex. Igneous Potential is best Ele shaman trait. I have a 435 piece and a 420 piece. 420 piece has Igneous Potential, 435 does not. Does it make sense to transfer to the 435 or keep the 420?

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    Very unlikely that would be an upgrade. I'm fairly certain that IP is miles better than most others, which would make an item at 435 with the 2nd and 3rd best trait worse than an 420 IP one with a secondary shitty trait.
    But do sim it to be sure.

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    IP is by far the best trait regarding ilvl on the azerite piece.If you also check bloodmallet you'll see that it's miles ahead even when comparing different ilvl azerite pieces.

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