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    Lightbulb What alt do you play?

    When not on my lock I play a mage. I prefer casters. My mage makes me really love my lock even more.

    The only thing I miss on my lock is mobility. But that mage blink??? Word?

    What about you? What’s your alt? Why?

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    Main is my Warlock (duh), primary alt is a Blood DK. I don't really like melee/tanking too much tho (ranged 4 lyfe), but ever since Wrath it's been my primary alt and if I only ever get just one alt to cap it's her.
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    I've got an alt of every class, but the main one this expansion has been a druid (usually balance). Love that travel form. Might start working on getting more of my alts to 120 now that I can fly, though (they're all 110 but for a few).

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    Just started maining lock this tier. previous main was DH at around NH until end of BoD.. before that mained mage from end of wrath until NH.

    Currently I alt DH/Mage/Rogue/Warrior/Priest.

    I keep them mostly current too, in case I need to swap mid-tier. all over 415, all neck 55 minimum.
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    Im surprised some else said blood dk. Cause i can +1 that.

    My alts are Blood dk, mage. Usually like having ranged and melee char up to date every expansion but playing dk dps specs making me feel miserable, in compassing to how good they were in Legion. Unholy Dark arbiter gameplay was god tier.

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    Usually a mage, just so that I can feed it items I don't need on my warlock.

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    Hunter has been my go-to alt for several expansions, currently MM since they deleted SV from the game a couple years ago.

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    Most likely either Hunter or rogue.

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