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    Do you have no problem in having two concepts that, while gameplay-wise are different, in the lore they're the exact same thing?

    Do you have no problem in having a class that specializes in creating mechs, robots, guns, bombs, rockets, teleporters, etc... but does not know how to create mechs, robots, guns, bombs, rockets, teleporters, etc?

    Think about it: how can a tinker be a tech class, if it doesn't know technology, i.e., the engineering profession? It makes absolutely zero sense from a lore perspective. Should tinker players be forced to have one of their two profession choices be locked to engineering? Or what?
    I think the engineering profession should be renamed tinkering (something anybody can do) while the future class should be called Engineer

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    I absolutely love it.
    But, it would be cool to have Undeath as a Tank spec. There should be a tank minion which fuses with the necromancer in a single being. THe minion's health serves as a shield for the Necromancer and their stats add up.

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