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    I think the ilvl requirements for mythic+ are dependant on whether you are pugging or in a guild or co-ordinated group. There is so much risk in pugging that group leaders will just take the players with the higher ilvl and mythic+ rating. Running 8-10 keys you will now get plenty of people 430+ and up to 445 - Mythic raiders than just want to bash out the weekly +10.

    As I tank it's a bit easier. Provided I've got a decent key I can fill a group in a couple of minutes. I always look for preferenial classes (Rogue in Tol Dagor for example), then ilvl, class, and sometimes mythic+ rating. Unfortunately for lower geared players, when there is 10 DPS applying, there is no need to take lower geared players for a PUG.

    Having said that, I also have success building groups when starting one on my hunter alt. If you've got a good key people will join. It will take a bit longer than as a tank but is perfectly doable.

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    Experience is much more important then pure ilvl.
    I am doing keys up to 19 atm and by now I do not even put a ilvl requierement in the tool. I purely select by RiO score and the +15/+10 done.
    ilvl says nothing about how a player will performe in a m+. RiO score can be bought too, but in my opinion it is by far the better indicator.

    1. ilvl can be quiet decieving because certain classes are very depended on specific traits and/or secondary stats. Especially Fire Mages and Assa Rogues come to mind here. I encountered quiet a few that are around 430 and do really really great.
    If you select purely by ilvl and put a min ilvl in the tool you might miss out on that optimal geared mage/rogue that will be destroying the meters because he can´t apply.

    2. it is easy to get ilvl way above 440 doing only heroic raids. I´ve been in grps with 450 ilvl players that have been garbage more than once.
    That being said, I have encountered players with RiO score above 1,7k that have been bad, too. Heck I am at 2k and I performe horribly in some runs, too. There is always a little luck with pugging. But overall I found that number to be a better benchmark than ilvl.

    3. on higher keys you have to know a lot of things about the dungeons to perform good. As long as you are around 430 ilvl that extra dps from a higher ilvl will just be the icing on the cake. I don not have any use for a player that does not know how to handle ablities, how to move through a dungeon, what an invis pot is and when to use cds. A healer that can easily heal a tyrannical - volcanic - raging week might struggle in a fortified - grievious - X setting.

    So like a few posters before me already pointed out, do your own keys an try to do as many +10s as possible. ilvl will come along by itself.
    If you can, find atleaset 1 other player you can push together. Having even 1 person in the grp you know well and can maybe communicat in voice can be very very helpful in m+.
    And learn how to handle/behave according to the affixes!

    I all depends on your expectations, if you only want to time 10s you should be fine with brute forcing with high ilvl. But that tactic will fail around the +15 mark. At least in my experience.

    Good luck
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