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    Affliction vs Demo for Za'qul?

    In casual Mythic guild. Typically by the end of tier we are 3/4 of the way through mythic progression so I prob won't see mythic Za'qul.

    We have been killing heroic relatively fine and I have been in the first group to go down to the Delirium realm as affliction. I can typically spend most of the fight down there as affliction with IE trait self healing.

    I want to try demonology as the 80% seems insane for the spec. I'm finding conflicting recommendations on what build and even essences to use. I thought VoP was king for demo but now Condensed is the way to go according to Bloodmallet?


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    alright so the basic idea is that CLF at r3 is stronger overall than VoP on paper, though performs well below VoP at r1 and 2. however, keep in mind that CLF limits movement and VoP is RNG. minor essence matters much less to us so basically use what you like or just sim it.

    many specs are viable in raid, that said there are standard talents for reasons
    e.g. Demonic Strength and Bilescourge Bombers are both good and perfectly fine though DeStr tends to be taken to raids because it's a little easier to use since it has no shardcost and doesn't ask as much from aiming it.
    DC and Doom are both fine, but most people seem to like DC better than Doom and it's certainly more flexible in role.
    SS and SV are both roughly equal in value as well but most raiders take SS because it gives us a lot of mobility
    SC,G:F, and for some locks even ID are all pretty equal but people are used to SC atm so most use it. it also has a more lingering effect on rotation since it adds a rng element.
    stick to DeCon. forget the others.

    3xBI traits is a pretty standard core and works well with VoP major while 3xEP is the preferred setup if you can and do use r3CLF though both are fairly comparable making it more a matter of taste with 3cEP/r3CLF being the meta.

    in the end raidbots>top gear is going to be your best friend while bloodmallet isn't that useful for demo atm.
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    Thanks I messed around on a dummy and was doing 30k with replacement offspec gear and a helm that still had affliction traits.

    Gonna try demo on our next kill

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    CLF is on top of bloodmallet because they are using 3xEP instead of 3xBI in their sims, best is to sim yourself, getting 3x BI with good offtraits (supreme and meteor) is easier than getting 3x EP with good offtraits (2nd and 3rd mythic boss drop head and shoulders with BI+SC/DM, so you just need to get a chest from the azerite vendor that has BI)

    VoP works as an int proc and a shard generator aswell if you have SC and BI, you get 3 shards when it procs and you get ~450 int for 15 sec per SC trait after the proc ends, i personaly was using VoP+Lucid till yesterday when i got rank 3 of CLF, but havent tested it yet for demo

    on our heroic runs i talented Mortal Coil because having a 20% "pot" every 45 sec helps in the delirium realm since i was going in during phase 4 cuz we have no SPriests

    this is more of a general warlock tip than a demo tip, but saving Demonic Embrace for after you get out of the delirium phase is nice, since you can use it while stunned

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    I just hate reforging between bosses and having 2 sets of higher level gear at this point is hard. GG Blizz

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