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    Alliance <ReUnion> | Wed/Thu 19:30-00:00 GMT | Semi HC-NAXX

    <ReUnion> | Wed/Thu 19:30-00:00 GMT | Semi HC-NAXX


    About Us: - Most of us are experienced Vanilla players that have raided throughout the years of World of Warcraft
    - Leadership Cleared AQ40 and NAXX40

    Progression Schedule: (Mandatory)
    Wednesday/Thursday - Main raids 19:30 - 00:00 GMT
    - Loot will be handled via Loot Council.

    Off night Schedule: (Not Mandatory)
    Monday/Tuesday – Flex raids 19:30 – 00:00 GMT
    - Loot will be handled via Loot Council.

    * We may add an off night to progression if we need it.

    Member Expectations:
    - On progress raiding - Having consumables, pre-BiS gear, enchants, world buffs, addons, key-bindings and macros is a requirement.
    - Microphone required with solid communication skills
    - players who can prove their dedication.
    - Players that will help build the group with gear and farm mats
    - assist with world events/group quests and world PVP.

    Classes Needed:

    Druid: Low
    Hunter: Low
    Mage: Low
    Paladin: Low
    Priest: CLOSED
    Rogue: CLOSED
    Warlock: CLOSED
    Warrior: CLOSED (Fury dps must get tank set)

    Also recruiting socials and farmers.
    Need more for our PVP team.

    Application Here:

    We are currently doing discord voice interviews if wanted:

    Discord Message: Snowman#0489

    Battle.net: Monochromed#1920
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