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    Unbound and Nyel said it all, really:

    The report is not strong, it's weak. It just tries to make a good face on a bad situation.

    On to the sentence which is the subject of the thread: "WoW subscribers increased since mid-May". Why choose mid-May? It's not a quarter boundary. I'll tell you why. Because prior to mid-May they were losing subs. If they were gaining them, say, in the preceding month, then the message would be "WoW subscribers increased since mid-April".

    So, their whole message boils down to: they have been losing subs, then at mid-May this stopped and they got some subs back.

    Who knows how many, probably not a lot. Else the message would have been "WoW subscribers increased *significantly* since mid-May" or even "WoW subscribers increased by 15% (woohoo!) since mid-May". But it isn't that.

    And this happened mostly because of Classic. They basically say so, but even if they weren't saying anything, it's seen from player activity charts.
    They is some truth to what you say.

    May was an increase. April was a loss. March was a loss .. etc Was a gain mentioned last quarter?

    GJ Unbound, mentioning this.

    Investor reports are slippery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstalker View Post
    When did "standardized interface" turn into asset flip? Or do you just run down your list of buzzwords when writing these posts?

    Also try to list all the vast array of games Blizzard released after the original WoW launch. Not much happening for 6-7 years.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Why does all of this sound like "proof by assumption"
    It's not even made by Blizzard for starters.

    This is the company making it:

    Defend away champ.

    Also - stay on topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    PS - you might want to update your sig, since the player you are quoting was long ago banned for being a troll and trouble maker.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zyky View Post
    PS - you might want to spend more time researching why he's actually banned. Most of the time it's because his opinion doesn't line up with the opinions of threads he posts in and because the mods of this forum are most of the time a joke and just instantly ban people instead of actually looking at the reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstalker View Post
    Why does all of this sound like "proof by assumption"
    Based on highly official numbers -> "assumption".
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    On the perspectives and whether or not Blizzard are in the downward spiral or are just temporarily down and looking to come back up.

    I think the best indicator of this is going to be Blizzcon of this year and, in particular, whether or not they show any NEW game.

    Not Diablo 4 - I am a fan of the Diablo series, but Diablo 4 will most certainly not save anything, people will play and forget it. Not Warcraft 3 Reforged - that for sure won't save anything either. It's perhaps going to be a nice remaster, thanks for making it, but it won't have any material impact on anything, similarly to how the remaster of SC1 didn't have any impact on anything. Not a new expansion for WoW (or, god forbid, HS, nobody cares, the fan base is there, it declined a lot since peak and is now declining slowly, the game is on the same stage as WoW was during WoD), nothing big will happen with WoW, they stopped betting on it. No, Classic won't matter either. Cool if you enjoy it, but it just isn't going to make any material contributions here, at most it could help the current WoW live a little longer than it otherwise would.

    No, they need a new game. If that's going to be a new phone game - perhaps that's fine, that would be where Blizzard are at now, and we all will say our farewells. But if there won't be any new games announced at Blizzcon. New games, not expansions and remasters. Well, then we do have a downward spiral, and after a year we'll be looking at even worse numbers than the bad numbers they have now.
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    I think Overwatch 2 is the most likely "new" game we might get and from a financial perspective it might be the best - next to Diablo 4. I'm not expecting them to start any new franchise or brand ever after basically killing Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm. Warcraft 4 might be nice yet I doubt it will have anywhere the reach and financial impact of something related to Overwatch or Diablo.

    The problem is, even if they announce Diablo 4 or Overwatch 2, those games are years away. 2021 release, maybe.

    Another thing: let's just assume Classic brings back an utopical 2 million subscribers for WoW - that's just ~ $30M per month in revenues. This is less than what they've lost since last year. Sure their profit might be higher due to Classic not affording much $$$ yet it's still not that much of a rescuing rope for their downward trend.
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