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    Welcome to the Horde Classic Players!

    Hi, I'm super excited for classic wow coming back and restoring the glory of the shamans. I know some of you were born alliance and fell in love with our ways. The world is savage and it will be a hard and unfair fight the whole way. Together we will rise up and MAKE HORDE GREAT AGAIN! All of you are SHAMANS YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! So go forth Speak Softly to our elemental friends and CARRY A BIG TOTEM.

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    You have my blessing.

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    I've been back on my OG Shaman for many months again and while I've played both Alliance and Horde since Day One, I've always had pull more towards Horde than Alliance. Frequently when I would come back to the Alliance, it was often for friends to be with again, but most of them are gone or now okay at different times than me, so theres little to know reason to switch back. Yes, it'll be so interesting to see folks who want to be Shaman or Paladin find the shock of what End Game roles are like since many of them probably never were those classes in Vanilla. I was a healbitch backin the day with my Shaman and for Vanilla, I'm fine with it again as it feels right in that content.

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    A lot of people are going shaman, and I feel like it's because of Cdew.

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