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    Quote Originally Posted by Khain View Post
    15% lol?
    It's 15% out of 45% which means 33% reduction to cleave plus the keep your wits nerf. This is a huge nerf and it will most likely kill the spec since it's greatest strength just got a whole lot weaker.
    So we won't see 3 rogues per group in MDI? How sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentsi View Post
    The typical sky is falling nonsense. The single most overpowered class for M+ for all of BFA thus far is finally got some proper tuning, and he's in a pool full of his own tears. Get over it already, it was 100% warranted. In fact, they should've nerfed them even more.
    Did rogues rape your stinky ass every day champo???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrialol View Post
    If rogues were bottom of the pack for a few m+ seasons that would've been fine.
    Go and play your utter shitty, mindless stupid class muppet!!!

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    *laughs in demonology*

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    sub having testicles was apparently too much for blizzard to handle how cruel to tame a wild beast. RIP subtlety

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thieves cant View Post
    sub having testicles was apparently too much for blizzard to handle how cruel to tame a wild beast. RIP subtlety
    I know that reading comprehension is just a cruel insult to you. but this whole thread is about outlaw.
    A witty saying proves nothing.
    plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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    I don't think killed means what you think it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    Until they find a way to keep secondary stats from getting out of hand without a mandatory character level increase each expansion it's going to keep happening, sadly. The only other way I've thought of is to simply reset people's gear to some baseline level of greens and have them gear up again over the expansion, but that opens a whole other kettle of fish.
    i would rather have the latter and have to re-gear up like vanilla every time then have them strip all my power from my class so blatantly.

    Even fully geared in mythic, a single version of my veng DH from LAST expac could solo a 40 man team of my veng DH in BFA without even losing his shielding.

    It isn't a good feeling. You should never, in an rpg, be able to look back at your character from -10 lvls ago and tremble in fear

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    I think there's not much going on here excluding the usual cries and attacks to each other. Closing.
    No one wants to choose. Everyone wants everything.

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