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    Quote Originally Posted by avx81 View Post
    As others have said if your maxing at +10 keys literally play anything.
    which was my point, and it astonishes me that 4 people replied to my post and didn't grasp that.

    if someone is posting on MMO-C asking which tank is best for M+ then statistically speaking that is NOT someone in an established group of good players pushing 15+ keys on a regular basis. maybe the OP is some uberleet tryhard and for some batshit reason is turning to MMO-C forums for basic and fundamental gameplay advice, but i doubt it.

    my post assumed the question was being asked from the perspective of someone who probably wasn't going to be bothering to push high keys, giving one opinion on the differences between the tanks.

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    One thing to clarify:
    this is not a "what should I play" thread. I was asking for other opinions and experiences.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malkiah View Post
    maybe the OP is some uberleet tryhard
    No I'm not
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    I'm about 2k current season 17-18 timed most dungeons and have experience playing most tanks. Not a pro but a solid player. If you're talking about pushing keys as high as possible right now Prot warrior is best . BRM is 2nd best currently, with paladin being pretty close and even Bear is not far behind behind. Tank balance is better than last season where the shield tanks were just way better.

    That said, BDK and VDH are a notch below them because they don't scale as well on really hard hitting trash/bosses, have to kite the most and it is riskier for healers to spend globals doing damage cause they are the most prone to getting spiked down and killed on hard hitting trash/bosses. Note: This really only applies to current 17+ keys assuming proper gear/play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmwut View Post
    One thing to clarify:
    this is not a "what should I play" thread. I was asking for other opinions and experiences.

    No I'm not
    i play prot warrior and find it a strong and very fun class to tank with

    that's my opinion and experience
    top guild member
    multi gladiator

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    Play a prot warrior


    A Blood DK

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    Bear is always the best choice

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    Right now, at the top of the meta?

    Warrior >>>>>>> Monk > Paladin >>> DH > DK = Druid

    Warriors make up about 50% of the tanks at the top. Monk is about 20%, paladin 15%. DH is 7%, and DK/Druid are about 5% each.

    Warrior does the most AoE damage by quite a bit, and at the top of the game damage is what really prevents a key from succeeding (barring mistakes). Monks have a niche in that they take incredibly steady damage which allows a healer such as a resto druid to spend more time dps'ing and less time healing since a monk won't go from 50% to 0% in a few seconds (except in specific circumstances).

    Paladins really sit in the medium between Warrior/Monk. They're harder to heal than a monk, but also deal less damage than a warrior. They have no real niche, but can succeed okay. You see paladins surging in popularity in lower keys (10-15s), since they're easier than either of monk or warrior.

    DH/Dk/Druid are all basically bottom tier given their dps and survivability issues. None of them provide the raw DPS to replace a warrior nor do they offer the steady damage curve of a monk.

    However, this is the top of the game. I'm referring to 20 and above. If you just want to play 10-15s, you should have no issue with any tank. They're all represented around 15-20%. None of them are so bad that they can't achieve Keystone Master (all 15s timed). From personal experience (I've done KM on 3 tanks this season, and all 6 in the previous 2) BrM is always the easiest, healers seem to have a much better time on him. Next would be both warriors/paladins. DH/DK next, and druid dead last. Druids were buffed this season so hopefully it won't be so painful, but I haven't done dk/dh/druid yet in season 3. For pushing into the 17/18s? Prot Warrior and BrM for sure, the others are notably rougher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    brewmaster is lagging behind in dps.
    The pvp essence fixes that.

    As long as you can stomach respeccing out of brewmaster and doing rated pvp that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucetia View Post
    Wait, what? Paladins have a big instant group heal? Which ability is that? I've played a paladin forever and don't recall a group heal via talents or spellbook. All I know is you can talent for HoP to be used on others, but it's not anything "big" at times as well as JoL which heals for peanuts, but still useful.
    Talented HoP is what I meant, it can be used to heal the group, rather than a group heal. Sorry, wrong terminology.

    I still find it very powerful in mythic+, I have it set as a alt+click on frame heal and I could probably solo heal lower m+ while tanking, especially using blessings of protection and sacrafice etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    The pvp essence fixes that.

    As long as you can stomach respeccing out of brewmaster and doing rated pvp that is.
    im a trash ww and i am like 1500 in 2s. took like 2 hours tops of screwing around. anyone can do it.

    now its one win a week til i get rank 3. then donezo.

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    Protection paladin is the best with talents like this:

    Final Stand - When you use Divine Shield, you also taunt all targets within 15 yards for 8 sec.
    That alone will make me choose Prot pallies over anything else in +13 and above keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capo dei capi View Post
    Protection paladin is the best with talents like this:

    That alone will make me choose Prot pallies over anything else in +13 and above keys.

    This is a very strong talent yes, but it also comes with a long cooldown (5 min) and it lasts only 8 secs. I don't find it that OP, and obviously it won't make prot pallies the only viable tank over +13...

    Talented last stand on prot warrior is also very strong, it lasts 15 sec while having a way shorter cooldown.

    Even VDH's metamorphosis is now very strong. Being over 800k+ HP with lots of armor and more self-healing makes you almost unkillable for 15 sec. Reducing its cooldown with vision of perfection essence is also great.

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