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    Assasination rogue - coral + font of power

    Hi there,
    I finally managed to get my two best simmed trinkets, coral + font. Now I'm curious, how it is optimal to use them both since there is a 20 seconds cooldown in between. Should I try to precast font much earlier so I can manage to get both effects in Vendetta window?

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    Quoting straight from the discord group:
    Updated SimC usage of Font+Coral for Assa. This change seemed to net solid 0.8-1% gains depending on build and the best I've found so far.
    - Use font 4s precombat and after that pretty much on cooldown as long as Vendetta has less than 20s on its cooldown.
    - Then, with in-fight Font, the idea is to hold Vendetta(+Vanish) a bit to make it also profit from Coral. It's a gain to hold it until Coral is ready (hence the 20s condition above) but...
    - If a Toxic Blade is coming up before Coral (which is the case in default fight timings) it's better to Vendetta right before TB and then use Coral ASAP.
    - Summary of example timings: 4s precombat Font, Coral ASAP to start stacking.... Font when ready again at 1:56, Vendetta before next TB around 2:10, Coral into it at 2:16.
    Use Font before the fight starts, then cds, use Coral asap.
    After 2 minutes use font+cds -> use coral.
    You'll have a window with both Font and Coral buffs.

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