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    Looking for some advice on a new computer build

    I am looking into building a new gaming pc for my cousin. I played around with several different configurations and at this point am pretty certain on things like ram, SSD, HDD, case, power supply etc. Where I am rather unsure is what CPU, mobo and GPU to use to make the best out of the available budget.

    PC is supposed to run games like the Rainbow Six series or GTA on high settings at least on a 1440p screen.

    So budget for CPU+MoBo+GPU is around 900-950 Euro.

    I mostly toyed around with Ryzen setups that fit in that range.
    3600 + RTX 2070 Super + B450 Mobo
    3700x + 5700 XT + X570 Mobo

    Were two of the possible combos I looked at. Question is are the two additional cores of the 3700x worth it to get weaker GPU ?
    Is it worth looking at intel offerings as well or is the budget too tight for that ?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    The only worthwhile CPUS from Intel right now are the 9700k and 9900k. So not really worth looking at those.

    The 3700x is also not really a worthwhile upgrade over the 3600, so I'd go with the 3600+2070 super.

    Just for giggles, what's the rest of the build?

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