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    Quote Originally Posted by Hashtronaut View Post
    Want to preface this with I do not want you to help me decide what class to play.

    That being said, I can't make a decision. Different motives either way for my 2 choices.

    How did you decide what class to play? What're your motives for picking your class?
    I sat down and considered what class I'd be happy to play right through. I have no intention of making anything bar an bank alt. Then I considered what I played properly in TBC against what I didn't so it would still feel relatively new.

    I then talked with IRL friends who are playing, found out what they are playing + role and narrowed down my choices from that.

    In the end, I've decided for a mage.

    1) Never played a mage properly bar fire in Cataclysm for PVP.

    2) Free food and easy transport for my group.

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    I just picked a class I remembered being both fun and decent in classic. I mained a Hunter and Mage at the time so wanted to try something different as well.
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    Just went back to the classic I grew up playing in vanilla lol

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    I've played and enjoyed every class in one way or another. I narrowed it down to either priest or hunter. Priest is mildly fun to play but I never got Benediction and it still kills me that I never got it. I was 100% set on playing priest but over the last couple of days I'm swaying hunter. I'm trying to think long term. I absolutely LOVE playing hunter and if I even get Benediction I might quit playing because that is the end goal. Might do hunter first and level a priest way down the line when it will be easier to get the Benediction parts.

    TLDR Choosing what I enjoy playing the most.

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    I just picked randomly.
    Ended up with an Undead Mage.

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    I picked a NE rogue because that was the first character I ever rolled and a Tauren druid because that's what I spent the most time playing prior to TBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by letssee View Post
    this is how i decided

    ... you watched a bad movie?

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    If you know abit about classic, you probably know that some classes excel at different things. Warrior: really bad at leveling, bad at soloing untill they have good gear, but really good in endgame both raids and pvp, again, with gear.
    Hunter: Really good at leveling, great at soloing, fun in pvp, but not the strongest class in endgame pve, since they scale poorly.
    And well, the list goes on.
    Thats why i picked hunter personally, it fits with what i want to achieve. I really just want to get to 60 and do a mix of PvP and PvE, only the early raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skulltaker View Post
    ... you watched a bad movie?
    was entertaining, therfore not bad.

    haha what was bad about it?

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    I think I'm going to land on Druid because of all the options they have - they can have fun in dungeons with tanking, they can stealth for PvP or for protection, and they are just a very flavourful class all in all. I love Paladins and Shamans too, but I have already played those!

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    I picked shadow priest because that's what I've played since BC. I don't much care about their viability in raids.

    I like the class--or did until they messed it up with the class fantasy stuff in Legion and made us insane instead of what we were--and to the extent that a shadow priest can bring a bit of damage, some healing, and some other support I'll be OK with that.

    I'll also do a mage.

    Later on, I'll likely do a shaman for Horde. I've always liked the shaman class and would like to see it in its original form.
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    I wanted a class that wouldn't be weak in PVE, so I chose warlock/paladin and stayed the hell away from rogue/mage. I don't care that they're supposedly the fastest to level, rogues will get owned if they accidentally pull more than 3-4 in a mob, locks and pallies are much better at surviving and stomping long-term, so those are the ones I went with.

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    Coming from EverQuest, in Vanilla I desparately wanted to be a Paladin tank. Of course, they quite sucked at it then (this was before their eventual class tuning that made things slightly better).

    Going into Classic and knowing they’re still not as good as they need to be (read: TBC era Prot Paladin at minimum, which I played as Prot Paladin), I naturally went with Mage instead.
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