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    House | Alliance | NA-PVP | Loot Council | HEROD SERVER

    About Us:

    We are a veteran guild from retail that started and has raided at the high level during Warlords of Draenor content. Our guild achieved top 5 Mythic kills on Darkspear before the content dried up, and the core took a break.

    House is a guild built on the idea that you are apart of a family and social community. We want to enjoy the content and clear it in a skillful manner but the focus is more on the people rather than the pixels that drop. You should look forward to each week raiding with us, and if that's not the case then we take it personally!

    The leadership has extensive experience in Classic, having cleared all content numerous times. We will compete for speed clear times, and ensure that we clear all content within the first week or two of release, minus MC which we will attempt full clear based on the amount of level 60's available. Most likely we will combine with other guilds or pug 60's until the guild is fully equipped to raid.

    Raid Times

    8 PM-11 PM EST (7 PM-10 PM CST, 6 PM-9 PM PST)
    Weds/Thurs - Phase 1/2/3
    Sunday is added on AQ release.

    Raid Expectations/Guild Focus:

    We will primarily focus on clearing PVE content. We will also organize events such as city raids, Gurubashi battles and etc... dedicated BG teams will also be made to assist anyone attempting the R10+ grind.

    Our goal is to have a highly populated social core that allows the game to maintain its flavor even after the initial nostalgia wears off for most. While most people may raid log at a certain point, we want to provide players with motivation to log on and have fun.

    How To Apply?

    Go to our discord below and check out the Guild Information tab. You can find a full break down of our core philosophy's and raid structure. If you are still interested and wish to be apart of our core, apply through the applications channel.


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    Still recruiting!

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    Still recruiting!

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