If in the game there are not honest players or players who behaved badly and interfered with playing, then at the end of the match you can use the button with a complaint against a pseudonym and your complaint go to a system known in the game as the Tribunal. Having accumulated a certain number of complaints, Riot’s case is reviewed by Riot officials and, in the event of his fault, the Summoner is suspended from the game for some time.
Having finished with the game itself, I will say my opinion. The game on its mechanics and gameplay is very addictive for a long time and, fortunately, it is distributed completely free of charge. But there’s also a joke among the players that the game is free, but you spend a lot more money on it than paid, because you really want to show off in front of friends and teammates in a new and cool way for the champion, but unfortunately you have to spread your “hard-earned" ones . Another minus is that sometimes there are many “trolley” players in the game, but up to level 30 this does not play a big role, for those who have already reached the maximum level this creates problems. Frequent updates to the game are of course a big plus, but alas, because of them, sometimes the game servers cease to function for several hours and if I intended to play at that time, then I will have to do something else (just now the servers are disconnected and I am writing this review). Of the pluses, the game is very well balanced between champions and the choice of opponents (even the competitors of the game admit it) and this is so, the guys from Riot know their stuff. Again, from here come these unpleasant server reboots. And in the end, the game will surely appeal to an amateur of RPGs, online games, but those who prefer MOBA games have probably heard of it.