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    Alliance <Hostile> Shazzrah - Semi-hardcore guild - Tuesday Wednesday - 19:00-23:00 CEST

    <Hostile> on Shazzrah
    A semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on clearing raid content as efficiently as possible while maintaining a fun raiding atmosphere. We aspire to build an extraordinary, camaraderie based community that mutually respects our members not just as gamers, but as people. We want the player, not the class.

    Come prepared. Show up early to a raid night with consumables. Know your rotation, curses, buffs etc. We are looking for eager, active, skilled, friendly players that possess a sense of humor, the ability to not be offended easily, and want to help us grow into a fun, camaraderie based guild. New and veteran players alike are welcome to apply.

    2 days a week - Tuesday and Wednesday 19:00-23:00

    Loot System:
    Transparent and fair loot council

    We are going to run everything through discord to keep it super simple for our raiders, so no digging through or signing up for websites and all of that.

    You apply by using this form - forms.gle/ffS11DkJBQa9fs1D9

    Or add us on Battlenet: Featuring#21592 or DarkwingDuck#2726

    Our Discord ID is SulleMcloud#7399 or Featuringa#4927

    Hope I've caught your attention, and hope to hear from you soon!

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