View Poll Results: At which level do you think the average "I'm just gonna test out classic" will quit?

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    8 2.02%
  • 10

    21 5.30%
  • 20

    76 19.19%
  • 30

    127 32.07%
  • 40

    110 27.78%
  • 50

    13 3.28%
  • 60

    15 3.79%
  • Noone will quit classic, everyone will make it to 60 and do end game

    26 6.57%
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    Depends really on the class, but I think people that do leave early will do it roughly around 30. Again depends on class and if they have a lot of friends playing also.

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    Somwhere in the 40s is when people will generally start to run out of quests if they didn't follow the right paths, so I'll wager that's when people will quit the most.
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    Most BfA players will quit around 30. Instant gratification sort of stops around there.
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    The real length of leveling doesn't start to seriously hit until the 30, and that's also when the travel time starts to become longer and the lack of mount felt.
    I'd say if someone stick to 40, there is a good chance he'll go all the way, but if he doesn't like the design he'll leave at this moment.

    So about 30 for the tourists that won't stay.

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    I personally don't care if people quit at any level. I told myself I am not gonna rush through things. I wanna enjoy the game and not feel rushed like everyone else is gonna be. but if I had to guess. People will get bored around 20ish, and people will get burned out at 60.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigxy the Lemming View Post
    Thing is, unless you're careful with your gold, you won't be having a mount at 40. At least that was the case back then, who knows, maybe it's easier to save up for it nowadays! I just think that a potential 'stretch goal' for people to at least get that.
    It will be definitively easier than in vanilla, since blizzard reduced the repair-cost between 1.1 and 1.12

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    Around level 35-40. Look NOBODY is gonna acept 250 hours to max level in 2019....I dont care what you think.
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    not at a certain level but after some time, when they realise you can't get all the classes at level 60 in a week.
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    1-30 goes quickly even if you don't know what you're doing. At 30 things can start becoming a slog if you don't plan out your questing well and from world pvp messing things up. Most people will see 30-40 as the first real roadblock to their motivation but will probably get through it. 40-50 is where the real slog kicks in, especially if you didnt make enough gold to get your mount at 40. In fact there will likely be many people that quit just because they can't afford the mount right away and it will make them feel like they messed up leveling somehow. If people get through 40-50 then 50-60 is close enough to the end that the average player will see it as a final hurdle and power through it.

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