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    Horde <Fiend> - WoW Classic Guild on Shazzrah |Semi-Hardcore|

    <Fiend> WoW Classic Guild on Shazzrah Horde PvP server

    We formed from a long time friendship, which started more than a decade ago. Our members came mostly from Hungary and other regions of Europe. We learned playing WoW from 2004 through 15 years and we experienced almost every expansion of retail WoW through this time.

    Our goals:
    • Firstly, to have fun with WoW Classic experience and play with each other
    • We strive to complete every phase’s content, both PvP and PvE
    • Gear up every raid member with the best items

    We offer:

    • Experienced leadership and raid leading
    • Competitive mindset
    • Friendly Atmosphere


    • We will run raids Wednesday and Thursday 20:00 Server Time
    • Core raid spots are earned through demonstrated competence and dedication
    • We decide items via loot council, so all members are getting necessary equipment for optimal guild progression

    We ask:
    • Main language is English
    • Suitable PVE spec and knowledge
    • Commitment for raiding twice a week and gathering consumables
    • Reach level 60 within 2-3 week
    • Be decent with others and help your fellows
    • Contribute as much as you can
    • Have nice hair

    For now we open for all classes.
    Most importantly we just need a good team player.

    Write us an introduction to my Discord: Faruwiel#4865

    Or you can contact me on Bnet.: Faruwiel#1653
    We will get in contact with you shortly.

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