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    It’s no so much what I want to play it’s what I don’t want to play with. I don’t want to be allies with the undead. I would play a Blood Elf if they were Alliance but I don’t want to play with a bunch of drooling monsters and rotting corpses.

    If the let the horde into the Alliance the game will be severally diminished for me.

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    I would probably play alot less tbh its a step too far away from the game I want to play

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    Most definitely! I care more about my gameplay experience than randomly made up factions, and there's only advantages for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roberts282 View Post
    Let's assume the lines are blurred when 9.0 eventually drops and there are no more "factions".

    Some speculate that there will still be Horde and Alliance but you can align yourself to one side (think Pandaran). If that's the case what would you play and on what side? For me, I think a Dark Iron Horde side would be awesome. You?
    Id probably play Classic WoW if they do that.

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    druids that retreat themselves and slowly form into a new race would be cool

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    The factions are so fundamental to the game I simply cannot see that happening.
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    I stopped caring about factions a while back anyway so yeah i'd still play.

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    I'm not big into lore so I don't take faction stuff very seriously, but probably I would have a lot more trolls on Alliance-side as well. I'd keep my Alliance main as a human because diplomacy, while my Horde main would stay Horde. Otherwise, trolls as far as the eye can see on both sides.

    Also, I want blood trolls. I know they're supposed to be all evil and shit but damn do they look cool.

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    I remember posting a thread about this a little over a week ago and people literally lost their shit saying stuff like "YOU CANNOT HAVE ORCS WALKING AROUND STORMWIND!!! IT WOULD RUIN THE LORE".... blah blah blah...

    Me personally, I'd love a horde gnome(They already come off a little mischievous to me) or a Tauren alliance as they seem like the innocent part of the Horde personally.
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    Quit and play Classic. Like most people will if Blizzard actually does this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joebob42 View Post
    The only sane way to do it is how ESO did with the One Tamriel update. It restricts the faction alignments to PvP zones alone. Outside of PvP, you would be able to group with anyone you want.

    From a WoW perspective, the faction conflict would only matter to people with warmode on and when you queue up for a battleground.

    There really is no way for them to unite the factions in an "Anyone can play anywhere" way, but also go "Oh, but you're still at war with each other" short of making one faction the "good" faction and the other faction the "evil" faction. As they continually say "Oh, neither faction is good or evil" that wouldn't work.

    It's a big ask, especially for some races, to have their race give up their loyalty and join the other faction. Are Night Elves going to suddenly be cool with joining the Horde after they literally burnt their homes to the ground and committed mass genocide? Are Gilnean's going to just brush aside the fact they've essentially been occupied by the Horde for years now? Are the Zandalari suddenly going to be cool with the fact the Alliance murdered their king?

    Frankly, none of those races make sense to join the opposite faction. They're not going to work alongside the murderers within the other faction without massive conflict or a massive reason to.

    Now some of the races, they never made sense to not be neutral. Lightborn Draenei, Highmountain Tauren, and Nightborne are the biggest examples here. They were helped by both sides massively in Legion, then afterwards they end up splintering off to one side only; a "Thanks for your help, now fight me."

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    I would play my Draenei/Lightforged because they are my favorite race but I'm "forced" to play Horde because most of my friends playing now are those edgy Horde players that hate the Alliance because reasons.

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    Whatever happens, I will play the same characters that I play now: NE hunter, NE demon hunter, BE death knight, Tauren druid, BE paladin.

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    Probably a transgender orc-gnome hybrid.

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    Probably the same characters I play now. Classes being fun to play has always been the deciding factor rather than faction for me.

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    Probably nothing because i oppose faction unification

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    I would switch to female draenei. That is, once priests get a movement ability baseline. So basically I'm stuck as goblin forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyrja View Post
    Quit and play Classic. Like most people will if Blizzard actually does this.
    Idk about the "most people" thing, but speaking for myself I'm with you on this one. And when classic gets old I'll just move on to another mmo. I didn't make a tauren warrior named gnomesmasher so he could prance through dungeons with the useless little things.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
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    I'd make a Dark Iron Horde Blademaster tbqh

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