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    Alliance [EU][PvP][Alliance]<The Final Tribe> <GEHENNAS> |ALLIANCE| |Wednesday/Sunday 19-23|

    The Final Tribe is recruiting for our newly started classic guild.

    We are an esport organisation based in Malmo, Sweden with teams in several different esports. From us you can expect a highly professional leadership with focus and dedication.

    My name is Lucas, and I am the guild master. In real life I work as the manager for the Dota2 team. The leadership is shared between me and Erfan who will be the raid leader and also the main tank.
    The guild consists of highly experienced players from all the different eras of World of Warcraft, but our heart has always pumped the most for Classic and TBC, and the community surrounding these times.

    At the first stage of Classic we will be a fun social guild that aims to help our roster evolve as players, and help them on their journey to 60.
    After that we will work at the attunements and pre-raid BiS and start clearing Molten Core and Onyxia.

    Raid times:
    Wednesday 19:00-23:00
    Sunday 19:00-23:00

    We aim for fast clears. We expect you to come to the raids fully prepared with food/flasks/worldbuffs and enchants (in the later stages).
    Raids are supposed to be fun, and we offer a laidback experience while still clearing content at a fast pace.

    We have zero tolerance for drama.

    Loot rules

    When it comes to loot, a majority of items will be rolled on.
    However, important pieces of gear will be handled by the Loot Council. They will distribute the loot in such a way that it will benefit further progress as much as possible.
    Meaning that reliable, consistent players that are always on time and have the right mindset will be prioritized of critical set-bonuses, trinkets, weapons and other BiS items. If multiple people qualify for the same item, a roll will solve it fairly.

    The Loot Council will always explain why a certain member got that particular item in case people have questions, there will be no “behind doors” decisions on this.

    There will also be a document available on the website at all times, with what items will be handled by loot council for full transparency.


    High attendance at our raids. We want to have a stable core of players that we can count on.
    We do of course understand that real life takes priority.
    Experience is not required, we believe that leveling in Classic teaches you the basics and a experienced leadership during raids can and will make it work. We also understand that this is an old game that not everyone had the chance to experience when it was live.
    Fluent in english.
    Want to be a part of the team and be active in our discord/guild chat.

    What you can expect from us

    Experienced leadership
    Friendly and active community
    When the guild economy is up and running we will offer raid supplies
    Off raid activitys such as PvP, world raids, dungeon running, helping with attunements.
    Active discord and website.
    We have a bootcamp facility in Sweden

    Interested? Head over to our website and apply.
    Our main headsite for the organisation (overhaul is work in progress)
    Visit our discord at discord.gg/h55MuMh

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    Full on tanks!

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    Need more dps and healers!

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    Mostly DPS needed!

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    Bump to the top!

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    Daily bump!

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    We're filling up quick! Socials are also welcome!

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    This is gonna be awesome !

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