Somewhat of a hardcore guild that has a chill atmosphere and a completionist
attitude towards Classic.

The aim of the guild is to get rid of the hardcore elitist feeling while still retaining the love and dedication for the game.

Requirements and General info :

• Dedicated to raiding and sticking to the raiding schedule

• We value participation and time put into resource gathering/raiding. People with heavy irl obligations should be aware of that.

• We use EPGP as a loot distribution system

• (Part of the EPGP loot distribution) Members that are geared up already will end up with the highest PR possible and will have first priority over a new (and possibly rare) drop. This will satisfy these members. Members that are not geared up already will end up getting loot in most raids which will keep their priority low. So they will still gear up but they will not threaten members that wait for a special piece to drop in order to get their satisfaction as well.

• Be prepared for raids : have consumables ready , etc

• We are looking for solid specs in the main raiding group so knowing what works is always a plus

• No requirements to rush through leveling , but it’s good if you could level in approximately 2 weeks to 1 month if you want to be in the raiding group as fast as possible.

The raid schedule is going to be announced later on and tweaked accordingly.

We are currently recruiting every class.

With the discord link below you can post your application in the ‘applications’ channel , follow the template in the same channel and you should be good to go . It’s honestly a formality but we’d like to know some general stuff
Hit us up : Papasyto#5906 or jakkA#6956 on Discord