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    Best place to find a guild pre-launch?

    I'm sure there's a discord or something somewhere, I was just hoping someone could post a link here if possible. Or any other recommendation? Thanks!

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    discord. gg/ tVKyH5 Take out the spaces.
    That is the Classic WoW Discord. They have a very active guild recruitment channel! Hope that helps!

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    If you havent found one yet, I would check the specific server discords you want to roll on.

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    There are a lot of groups with grand ideas of what they will be doing so do your due diligence when finding a group. Just like prior to each new raid tier or expansion some new guilds pop up advertising as a CE guild going for server first meanwhile they haven't ever killed a mythic boss between any players and don't have AOtC. There is a lot of this false bravado and groups that will fizzle out before October hits. So take your time find that rose in a bed of weeds and have fun.
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    There's a number of sites and forums, but I'd recommend searching on Discord, as mentioned above. There's several servers active, either worldwide or focused on a particular region and there's a lot of cross linking and activity.

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    the individual discord servers for the actual servers will be your best bet if you've already chosen a server, but if you haven't picked a guild, then either the recruitment threads here or on the official forums.

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