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    Warrior tank professions-Engineering/?

    I've been a prot pally since I started playing on the tail end of vanilla. Loved tanking dungeons and wanted to do raids. But thanks to being 58 when BC dropped (and missing core tank kit abilities), I missed that chance.

    I still plan to have my prot pally. Undead strat runs are great. But I plan to put effort into a prot warrior to see if I like the old warrior days and because I want to get a shot at vanilla raid tanking. I'm already locked in for engineering so I can get that sweet shield I would see from time to time. The only thing I am trying to figure out is what's a good support.

    I planned to do mining/blacksmith on my paladin like old times and to feed ore and bars to the engineer. And then probably skinning to get my own leather. But is that efficient without leatherworking for scraps/hides? Does vanilla blacksmithing have BoP recipes that are nuts to miss out on?

    And unrelated to my situation. What do you prefer?

    Goblin or Gnomish engineering?

    Weaponsmith or Armorsmith?

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    I’m going eng/mine for starters. Might drop mining eventually and pick up enchanting as I foresee many dungeon runs and DEing mats is about the only farming I want to do on my warrior.

    Not going to touch blacksmithing, not early on anyway.

    I plan on a hunter or mage with gathering skills for a farm toon.

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