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Thread: Human vs Gnome

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    Human vs Gnome

    Hey guys I'm having a hard time deciding which race to roll for my Warrior. I want a Gnome but human racials seem overpowered. What are your thoughts on how game breaking it is to pick the wrong race.
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    If you want a gnome, play a gnome. Racials are good yes, but you're gonna spend so many hours starring at your characters back - might aswell pick one you like.

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    this question is as old as wow. and the answer is still the same: if you NEED that few min max percentages, bc you are somewhere between semi hardcore and brutally hard core progression, or just like to min max to the ground, go with the human. if you just wanna play the game, like your character and have fun, go with gnome. simple as that.

    my vote: since i play this game without interruption since 05/2005 and even when i raided quite semi hardcore (realm second best progression guild back in the days) i rarely meet that ppl that NEED best possible races because of the needed min max percentages, and (sorry for that) i am sure as HELL you are also not one of them. in short: i voted gnome.
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    Min maxing racials isn’t worth it at all. Play Gnome. Easy as that.
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    Gnome is the better pick. Anytime you PVP on a human warrior you will regret not rolling gnome. You would pick human to have good PvE racials for content you will have absolutely no problems clearing regardless.

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    escape artist should not be underestimated

    its one of the best racials honestly. Vanilla is not live where everyone has a million CC breaks and immunities
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    gnome is huge in pvp, human weapon bonus is huge in pve, particularly for dps. So it depends on what you're going to do. For what it's worth, the dungeons and raids of vanilla should be quite easy by today's standards, so if you like gnomes and want to pvp I'd choose gnome.

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    If you want to play Gnome, go Gnome.

    Btw, Gnome is the best option for PvP.
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