We're a guild build from friends and we're looking for like-minded people that are looking for pwning Alliance scum and dominating in raids as much as a semi-hardcore can. Maturity, talent, and experience is highly seeked by us but anyone who's shows potenital, willing to learn, and they're chill are welcome.

What We Are Looking For :

We're are the Shadow Realm! All Yu-Gi-Oh nerds and others alike are welcome as we send our enemies into the Shadow Realm while we feast on their souls.

- Currently all classes and specs are OPEN. We might have restrictions on classes later on.
- A pair of raid leaders/players interested in raid leading
- 90% Raid Attendance (Raid absence must be called out 3 days before the raid.)
- Ability to reach 60 in a timely manner (5-8 weeks)
- Guild oriented players interested in wPvP, Raids, BG’s, and other guild activities
- Ability to handle banter and humor

Loot Distribution: EPGP / Loot Council

Expectations for Raiders (raiding optional):

In general, we're pretty laid back except for raids. We want to have a few rules to make sure we get people on raid days:
1. Keep a professional, mature, and positive attited as well as team fist mentality. Communicate with your officers if you have any criticsms.
2. Perform at the highest level possible and improve your character constantly for both PVE and PVP.

Expectations for PVP:

No Alliance lovers. Must HATE Alliance. Can't ever lose against them. We send them to the Shadow Realm, they don't sent us. Otherwise, do whataver as long as there is an Alliance corpse. We are planning in the future when Phase 2 comes out to have PVP days where we have raids hunting down Alliance scum.


Just come join our Discord guild and talk to us. We want to get to know you and see if you're a good fit for our Discord.

My Discord : BlooDy#5078