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    Horde [EU] [Shazzrah] <The Undecided> Semi-Hardcore Raiding and Social PVP Guild

    [Horde][Shazzrah - PvP] [9/10 MC AND ONY DOWN][Semi-Hardcore Raiding and Social/PVP Guild] <The Undecided>

    About us: We’re a guild of old and new friends alike, with a core team of players who have end-game raiding and PVP experience in every expansion since Vanilla. We have all decided to completely swap over to Classic and are incredibly excited to be able to reform our guild and re-experience the magic of the original game that got us all hooked. While we all love the raiding element of WoW, many of us have an equal passion for PVP which means we will certainly be organizing regular PVP events and raids.

    Our Goal: Our primary goal is to be a serious progression raiding guild on Shazzrah while simultaneously building a large community of skilled, mature, and socially minded players as we believe a good community is at the heart of anyone’s potential enjoyment of Classic WoW. We have a dedicated team of officers in our guild who have all held leadership positions in various guilds with heaps of guild management and raid leading experience which will help us stay highly competitive while maintaining a semi-hardcore raiding schedule.

    Raiding days and times: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday – 19:00 to 23:00 UK time

    Loot system: Loot council

    Plan of action : Build a large community of players to make the levelling process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Once 60, most of our core members will aim to to start forming dungeon groups as soon as possible in order to gear up and get ready for raiding.

    Our Expectations for core raiders: We expect you to be max level within the first two months of classic. Ideally you will be 60 in the first month to allow you ample time to gear up with the rest of our core members before raiding starts. The faster you hit 60 the easier it will be for all of us to effortlessly form dungeon groups and start farming! Additionally, we expect our core raiders to always carry consumables as well as enchanted gear.

    Who are we looking for : We are a diverse and international group of players with various backgrounds who share a passion for all things WoW. We are looking for similarly minded Players who are happy to embrace Classic and everything it has to offer.

    How to apply: If you are interested and would like apply to be a core raider then please submit an application on the following link:


    For our core raiding team, we are happy to consider anyone who meets our criteria, has similar goals and is looking to be part of our dedicated raiding team. If you would like to join as a social or PVP member and are interested in our guild then please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our officers on the below details who would all be more than happy to have a chat with you.

    Bnet & Discord Details:
    Bnet: Rokhnar#2747 Disc: Rokhnar#5743
    Bnet: Alder#2384 Disc: Alder#8854
    Bnet: Jascer#2356 Disc: Jascer#6672

    discord.gg/5F77pbG --> join this for more info

    Classic WoW has infinite different potential journeys to offer and we hope our guild will be the perfect place to start yours. We look forward to your responses and getting to know you
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    bumping for visibility

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    bumping it again folks!
    Druid - High
    Hunter - High
    Mage - Medium
    Warlock - Medium
    Shaman - Medium
    Rogue - Medium
    Priest - Medium
    Warrior - Medium

    - - - Updated - - -

    hit em with the bump

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    We are live!!!
    Druid - High
    Hunter - High
    Mage - Medium
    Warlock - Medium
    Shaman - Medium
    Rogue - Medium
    Priest - Medium
    Warrior - Medium

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    Bump! Hope you are all enjoying

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    Bumping! Community established and confirmed to be lit! Apply now

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    Still looking for suitable lvl 40+ players at this point

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    We are now 9/10 MC and ony cleared. Looking for SOLID dps and healers to bolster our roster

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    Bump! We are in need of a healer for the final spot of our roster. Outstanding DPS will also be considered

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    We currently have MC and Ony on one night 1 shot clear status. A few spots remain available:

    1 Resto Druid
    1 Feral / Tank Druid
    1 Rogue
    1 Warlock
    1 Shadow Priest

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