So of course some degree of faction mechanical change for 9.0 is being speculated pretty much everywhere. Blizzard have done a pretty good job of telling us without telling us that this is coming, and so I'm going to take a new kinda stab at this topic and ask you people out there in internet land:

If WoW, in that potential future of "factionally optional" reality intentionally tells the community the obvious: that you can enforce segregation on the community end as an optional thing... how prevalent would you expect that concept to become?

It would be a fascinating social experiment, really. How gung ho and hardcore "faction loyal" would one be in the face of this presumably entirely optional and clearly disadvantageous undertaking of being "a faction purist guild/community" (meaning community in the mechanical sense) when it was entirely on the level of concept and even *gasp* roleplay?

Would you do this? Do you think many would? Would it get laughed off? I mean there are "full druid clears" of raids already... what if factions became this novelty handicap for a guild/community to stick to in the game entirely as an intentional choice?

Or will all of those people so entrenched in the ol' factions just play classic (as intended?) and be done with it?

After all...

We each walk a line... choose yours!
- Alleria windrunner.