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  • Humans - incl Kul'tirans and Gilenan Worgen

    21 13.64%
  • Orcs - green ones and Mag'har

    13 8.44%
  • Forsaken - incl San'layn and undea scourge

    11 7.14%
  • Night elves - incl Nightborne

    21 13.64%
  • Thalassian Elves - Blood elves, High elves, Void Elves

    19 12.34%
  • Dwarves - Bronzebeards, Dark irons, Wildhammers, Earthern

    2 1.30%
  • Tauren: incl Highmountain, Taunka, Yaungol

    10 6.49%
  • Gnomes: incl mechagnomes

    5 3.25%
  • Gobilns: normal, Gilbins, Hobgoblins

    3 1.95%
  • Draenei: incl Lightforgeed

    11 7.14%
  • Troll: Darkspears and Zandalari, all other tribes

    4 2.60%
  • Pandaren

    3 1.95%
  • Worgen - the wolf part, not the human part

    11 7.14%
  • Nightborne: kaldorei arcane part not priests/druids

    1 0.65%
  • Void elves: the void vibe, not the sun vibe

    2 1.30%
  • Dark Irons: not the bronzebeards and others

    2 1.30%
  • Darkspears: Not the other trolls

    4 2.60%
  • Zandalari: not the Darkspears

    6 3.90%
  • I really can't decide a favourite

    5 3.25%
  • I don't like any of them - a future race perhaps

    0 0%
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    Scarab Lord Soon-TM's Avatar
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    I played Forsaken in Vanilla, but I !@#$ing loved the Kael'thas arc in WC3. So when BC added BEs to the Horde I insta rerolled BE Mage and Pally, and have been my mains ever since

    Bonus points for their starting zones. Levelling in Eversong and Ghostlands was truly a magic experience, honestly Blizz outdid themselves with them. Ditto for Azuremyst / Bloodmyst, but I'm really not into goats, especially with the !@#$ty massive retcon they got come BC
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    Night Elves because of Wc3.

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    1. People get extremely pissed in PVP if your a male panda and kill them

    2. I love the wonkyness of being a frikkin panda in a fantasy/sci-fi game

    3. If I want to swap faction, I dont have to loose my race

    4. Awsome/weird helmets look so cool on a panda

    5. I dont like the «V»-shape most males seem to have in this game. Might be why I like gnomes, KT humans, dwarfs, taurens and bloodelfs as well

    6. The extra silence/CC-racial

    7. How out of place I look in cinematics

    8. Being cute in a dangerous enviroment adds to the feeling of danger/horror. Like my char really dont deserve to die or be attacked.

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    Orc were my favourites in WCIII so yea
    Me not that kind of Orc!

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    I am Murloc! Kyphael's Avatar
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    I literally play everything so I have no one favorite, but perhaps a handful: Humans, Dari Irons, Blood Elves, Orcs and Undead.

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    Probably orcs for me. I just like their background story and culture the most. Reminds me a lot of the Saiyans from Dragonball Z. Their honor code I find to be cool and I just love how badass they are.

    Favorite classes to play as an orc are warriors and shamans.

    A second favorite would be the blood elves.

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    Human, because when I was a kid in 2006 the only choice for a mage in the Alliance was Human and Gnome. I chose human male, still to this day with no intent on race changing on other Alliance races. I like human mages in lore, something I wasn't aware of when I made my char, but seeing cool human mages like Jaina, Khadgar, Medivh, Aegwynn etc reaffirm my choice.

    I did roll Gnome on Classic though, because I wanted to relive the experience in my preferred faction in a slightly different manner.

    Only chance I'd race change my retail human would be if we ever got HE AR on the Alliance, because I like the traditional elf style and blue is my favorite color. But that's not gonna happen, so King's honor friend.

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    Blood elf because it was the closest thing to what I RP'd as back then, and aesthetically they appealed to me more than humans.

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    of the Dark Star Tinytalon's Avatar
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    Worgen. The new models are really cool.

    Simple Armory EU
    Simple Armory US

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    Night Elf because they were the only druid option at original release. I liked the lore initially, although I'm not fond of the direction the race is going now.

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    I always play human characters. Not for any grand reason, though. It's because of the rep bonus. Since there are so many reputations these days, every little bit helps.
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    Blood elves > tauren (including HM) = forsaken.

    I've always been a fan of tolkein style elves, and I loved the history of blood elves, their snooty and proud demeanor, and the red/gold color scheme. After so many years, I AM a blood elf. I can't race change.

    Then, I love tauren so so so much. I love their lands, their stories, their everything. What a lovely race. I would happily love in Mulgore among them.

    Forsaken.... I love them. I love how they look, I love how they are not "good", I love their story. I also totally dig the gothic architecture.
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    I'm not voting in your poll because you're lumping two very different races in with humans.

    My main is a human because +10% rep is the most overpowered racial in existence.
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